Resman has adopted the principle of being among the most reliable and preferred companies in sector and has arranged its management and quality policy accordingly.

In order to meet its customers' today and in the future expectations, Resman has adopted the principles of ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ethical values.

According to this approach, our quality policy;

  • Producing with superior quality and reasonable prices
  • Always being a reliable and respected company
  • Meeting customer needs on time and desired manner
  • By complying with the conditions of our quality management system, ensuring continuous development and improvement
  • Increasing the quality level of our staff through continuous training activities
  • Ensuring that all employees understand, adopt and implement company objectives and policies
  • Identify and managing the risks that may occur while performing production and service
  • Improving our products and processes continuously in an environmentally sensitive manner and in compliance with the legislation in order to meet the needs and expectations of the society and adding new values to every work we do.
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